Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Collaborative Technology Work Plan

Our work plan as presented to the DGPC chair.

Collaborative technology is about developing documents, sharing decision making and managing knowledge in a collaborative way. It is essentially changing the way we work and the tools we use. Through the use of new technology, NRCan can implement a new approach to work that enables collaboration regardless of location, and encourages an organic, community-driven culture of information creation and sharing.

  • March 29 - August 17

    Wiki 101 - Wiki Pilot at NRCan. Create a wiki to test collaborative concepts and identify any issues or concerns for broad implementation
  • May 1

    Form a work team to brainstorm collaborative technology and begin work on presentation for DGPC.
    Create blog and wiki entries to enable the collaborative creation of a presentation for DGPC
  • May 9

    Presentation of Collaborative Technology to DGPC
  • Ongoing

    Creating Innovations Environment for testing, demonstrating and evaluating emerging technologies and tools
  • September 2007

    Wiki 101 - Analysis of pilot and recommendations for next steps
  • November 2007

    Collaborative tools pathfinder projects will be done to examine technology, its benefits, and issues prior to broad implementation. Projects will involve both sector and technical personnel. We will leverage expertise and projects from sectors already using collaborative technology.
  • Ongoing through November 2007

    Technology Business Case: a full business case will be prepared to evaluate impact, value and requirements for broad implementation of collaborative technology.