Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our Next Challenge!

Well it is now 7 days and counting.....

We've taken on a great challenge but I'm confident that with the team we have, we are up to it. Thanks to everyone for your support, ideas, and confidence that we can make this happen. This goes a long way to showing that the IM/IT team here at NRCan can turn ideas (even risky ones like these) into action.

As we discussed today, we have lots to do to prepare for next week. Anna is preparing a list of tasks for everyone that will help us keep track of what we need to do before Thursday. We are working under pretty tight deadlines since the long weekend kind of gets in the way, so there is alot we need to get done before the dry run on Tuesday:
- set up all accounts for remote access and google signon
- set up the new blog
- ensure that we have some good content to navigate through
- appoint the 11 information specialists. All must attend the dry run on Tuesday.
- bring great ideas of information to navigate through for the demo on Thursday

I'm sure Anna has alot more on her list and will add more here. Keep submitting your great ideas and checking in here for latest updates! We can do this!

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