Sunday, May 6, 2007

Making it Real at NRCan

Great work everyone! The content is coming along very nicely and we are getting a good sense of what types of tools are avaible. As our presentation is drawing near and in anticipation of questions such as "When can we start using this", I'd like to expand the content to include 'what we can do now at NRCan'. In this area we need to talk about what is going on now. My proposal is that we start another wiki entry called "NRCan's Collaborative Technology Project". This can provide information about the project, a link to a full project blog (maybe this site is the start of that?), and information about pilots, pathfinders, areas where these tools are being used, planned activities, etc.

This wiki entry can also provide information about what tools people can use now versus those that are planned or in pilot. We can also give information about who to contact and when. Perhaps we can even encourage a community driven inventory of work going on. As you can, lots of ideas to explore.

In the meantime, please:

1. Let me know if you agree to my suggestions above re another wiki entry

2. Expand the Collaborative Tools wiki entries to include "What we can do now at NRCan"

3. Tell me you would find it useful to transform this site to be a full Project Blog, or create another Blog for the project and use this site solely for this short-term experiment in creating a collaborative presentation.

Three days to go until the presentation....please keep contributing!

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amydawnrose said...

i think another wiki entry with concrete examples of how nrcan employees are already using some of these technologies would be great. i wanted to link to the accounts the nrcan library is already using but didn't think the existing page on collaborative tools was the best place to do it. i am also convinced that there are other examples of blogs and wikis, etc. being used at nrcan that I don't know about.