Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 2 Summary - Some Good Discussions

We finished another day working through our blog. Thanks to everyone who responded....from your discussions I think I'm getting a sense of how we might do this. I must confess that I'm wondering if email would have been just as fast for communication. Perhaps just as fast, but tonight as I'm reading through everything, conveniently located in one spot, I'm seeing some value (and my overloaded email account is thanking me).

From today's discussion, I think we are in agreement that we will continue the discussion about what we will do and how to do it here on the blog. Tomorrow I would like to start populating the wiki. I have started a wiki entry on Collaborative Tools. I would like each of you to please reference that entry and start populating it with information. As a start, lets begin with the following sections:

A definition of collaborative technology.
A definition of a wiki and the Wiki 101 pilot.
A definition of a blog and a description of how blogs are used.
A definition and description of Instant Messaging.
Information about and how it is used.
Information on Search technology.

These isn't a prescriptive list and I expect that we will want to add informaton about additional tools.

Some final questions and considerations:

Can we link to the wiki from the blog (and vice versa)? If so, lets do that.
Can we link to a live chat from the blog? If so, lets be ready to demo that.
Do you have other good ideas? If so, share them.

Good luck on day 3 and I look forward to seeing your great info on the wiki tomorrow.


framiam said...

You are really picking this stuff up fast. How did you create a Wiki entry on the blog? (I guess you had to create the wiki first and then link.)

In terms of the definitions, wouldn't you just have a link to wikipedia, or even some publically available research from Gartner or other sources).

Steve Robertson said...

I probably don't know the whole history or the discussions but I saw mention of potentially using WebEx so I thought I'd get in on this blogging action.

We've done WebEx at the EAG and it has the potential to be an excellent meeting/presentation tool, especially when combined with a teleconference (cheaper too) or a videoconference (haven't tried yet, but how cool would that be?)

If you're doing a demo, it'd be very effective to have people 'attending' this presentation to show the functionality of it, i.e sharing desktop, presentation, raising your hand when you have a question etc.. from both NCR and regions. The EAG may be a good source to tap for volunteers.