Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One Day to go until The Demo

We have one day to go until we perform the 'live' test of our experiment to use our community of knowledge to pull together a presentation on the potential use of collaborative technology at NRCan. We have made great progress so far. We have created info on the wiki, learned about many new tools, and generated excitement in our team of the potential power of these tools.

Today we will do a dry run to round out the power of the collaborative workspace with virtual meeting spaces that bring together groups of people quickly and easily, regardless of location. Our challenge today is to determine how best to share the information and demonstrate the technology in a 30 minute timeslot. We won't be able to show everything we learned, but our goal is to get the audience as excited as we are about the potential of these tools to change the way we approach work and how we create and share knowledge and information.

Our work won't end following the demonstration tomorrow. We are launching a key component of our IM Strategy --to exploit the value of collaborative technology to benefit NRCan. As such, from this point on we will be managing this work as a project with the objective to prepare a business case by Fall, 2007. During this time we will continue working on several pathfinders to search out, evaluate, demonstrate and use collaborative tools in the workplace. Anna has posted the high level project plan.

This has been an interesting experiment. One one hand I still sense some reluctance to contribute to the blog, while on the other, people have come forward to ask if they can contribute and post information. As the technology catches on, I expect our comfort level to publicly post information will increase.

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Steve Robertson said...

Very exciting!

Here's a test of the PowerPoint link:
a Powerpoint show which right now will not be accessible to anyone else but me (given the location of the file)