Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Interactive Exercise

Interactive Exercise I see the session working as follows:
  • Marj's presentation/demonstration of the toolsDelegate interaction
  • Interactive exercise using collaboration tools

The first part is pretty straightforward, a more succinct version of the DGPC presentation.

The interactive piece I see unfolding as follows:

Overall question:

  • How can you improve the briefing note process using collaborative technology?

Sub-questions (or categories):

  • When is a briefing note necessary?
  • What information should a briefing note contain?
  • What levels of approval are required and who has overall authority?
  • What is the process for creating content for a briefing note?
  • How can those responsible for content collaborate to create the content?
  • What issues are important to consider?

This exercise needs to be positioned as a brainstorming session. Much like a breakout group gathered around a flip chart would do in a 2 day workshop...wait a second, that is what this is, except the reporting back process is captured and is part of a document. In a brainstorming session, there is no right or wrong answer and there are always more questions than answers. Whatever product we end up with will be the result of informed briefing note creators spending 20 minutes together talking about how they could use collaborative tools based on a brief demonstration of the possibilities.

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