Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What a Success!

The demo went off without a hitch! Thanks everyone for all your contributions and support. I think we did a great job at showing what a collaborative, team approach can achieve in a very short timeframe. The audience was engaged and I think saw the power that these tools can bring to their desktop. We will keep this blog going now that we have been asked to take this to the Senior Management meeting on May 24 or 25.

So, on that note.....let get a dialogue going on next steps for creating an even more powerful demo of the powers of collaboration. Thoughts?


Steve Robertson said...

Kudos on great work by everyone! Even the simulated "gee, what happens when you accidently exit the WebEx meeting?" went as planned!

When doing this type of demo again, I think it'd be really effective to have someone (or even Marj) do a portion of the presentation/demonstration from a region or someplace other than the location of the demonstration. We described it today with Paul in "Vancouver" but imagine giving that presentation/demonstration and not being in the room? How cool would that be? What would we need to enable for WebEx to have voice/video?

The last IM & IT Employee Advisory Group was getting very engaged in the topic of collaborative technologies and Marj (and the whole team) have been invited to attend the next meeting. At the same time as discussing the next demo here, I'd like to get your thoughts on what we would want to talk about with them and how we can really build a cross-country collaborative effort.

Peter Cowan said...

I agree with steves suggestion. perhaps we could even simulate the building of a document from across the country using a wiki approach...

Other thoughts:

1) One of the most significant ways to make the presentation more powerful would be to demonstrate that dgpc is fully utilizing the bliki (blog &wiki) to do there policy work. This may be a bit ideal but it would be fantastic to show how the these tools have already begun to spread organically within the space of 3 weeks across the organization.

2) We will also be further along on some of the wiki pathfinders including a briefing note wiki that might be useful to highlight.

3) wireless input to the blog, to show the integration with email

Anna Belanger said...

To elaborate on Peter's comment, I think we need to establish a separate blog and wiki for DGPC immediately. There is a momentum here that we must capitalize upon.

1. Set up the tools

2. Pull the DGPC together for a demonstration, possibly post the terms of reference for their committee on a wiki and let them begin using the tools themselves. I think it is important to provide some support but not to hold their hands too much as a success factor will be the ease of use. Another thing to consider is that, just as in our experiment, there will be members that will participate from the sidelines.

3. Recruit a member of the DGPC to participate in the May 24/25 presentation to senior management. What better way to show the value (not to mention ease of startup/use)of collaborative technology. And, as Peter suggests to demonstrate the organic proliferation of the culture change.

4. I absolutely love the idea of demonstrating the 'briefing note' wiki, especially after having spent an hour this morning helping prepare a memo from our ADM to the DM regarding the content for a message to all staff that she asked for!!! Wouldn't it be nice to send 'approvers' to a wiki?

Before I address Steve's question about the next EAG, I think we need to have the disucussion about how we will manage expectations.

- How easy is it to set up blogs/wikis for committees?
- What is the process?
- Is there a need to set up a technical support mechanism?
- What about training/support focussed more on the content - etiquette, respect, trust, etc.?

Perhaps we take these questions to EAG and get the discussion going before we actually set up the EAG blog : )

Diane Bédard said...

For the May 24/25 presentation. I'm sure there will be representatives from the scientific community. They are very interested in Discussion Forums. Maybe we could elaborate more on this collaboration tool on the wiki. I am still finding out about these myself but maybe someone from SSO knows more about them.