Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Open Thoughts on the Blog

even though I do have author access i cannot edit Marj's blog. I can however add an entry. so just to get the ball rolling:

1) I would suggest that the first blog entry should be very much a background piece as marj outlined this morning with the key questions that were raised by her at the meeting. This should be followed up by us individually putting in our comments responses the questions and links to appropriate resources, examples, definitions etc.

2) Marj and authors will then craft the second blog entry synthesizing the responses into a strategy of what needs to be presented etc. ie webx simulation using a contributor from the regions/ example of the wiki for collaborative document sharing. Is this the dgspc diagnostique? a draft business case for collaborative tools or are we going to use the wiki 101?

Not sure we will need an additional blog entry on this but I leave that open for discussion

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