Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Getting the blog rolling

Our meeting this morning to kick off this collaborative approach to working project was energizing. The ideas were free flowing, participants were enthusiastic and yes, I could sense a bit of trepidation but I think that's OK. This is a whole new way of working.

So, to get the blog rolling, here's my summary of the meeting:

1. Marj has volunteered to lead the "Developing Collaborative Technologies" initiative, one of a number of initiatives established to move forward from North Star. The initiatives are being led by various DGs in the department that are part of (or contribute to) the DG Policy and Science Committee (DGPC).

2. She has assembled a group consisting of representation from IMB (IM, IT and NRCan Library) and SSO to help in the development of this a starting point...I suppose the sky is the limit after that! (Oh, by the way, I am fairly new at blogging so not sure of the etiquette required, if any, around the use of editorial comments.)

3. In the spirit of collaborative technologies, Marj suggested her presentation to the DGPC use a technology to demonstrate some collaborative possibilities. And so, this blog was born.

4. As a group, we agreed to post ideas, suggestions, links etc., as Peter has indicated, to this blog and for her presentation next Wednesday (May 9), Marj would use this blog to take the committee through our collaborative approach of preparing for the presentation (kind of like a Bleck...combination deck and blog) as a practical example of collaborative technology in action.

5. See Chris Taylor's entry for more detail regarding some of the collaborative tools we discussed.

6. We also discussed the potential these tools and technologies have in allowing us to share information easily - with each other and with our clients and to access information required for decision making. We recognize there are risks associated with this approach (processes, costs, management issues, etc.) and that there is an increasing appetite for change. So off we boldly go!

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